The Jubilee-affiliated Frontier Alliance Party (FAP) has endorsed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s candidature for the August polls. The Party – which is led by Marsabit Governor Ukur Yattani – passed the resolution today in Nairobi at a Special National Delegates Conference whose main agenda was to pick a presidential candidate for the August 8 General Election. Close to 1,000 delegates attended the special NDC. Reading the resolution, Governor Yattani said FAP will field candidates for all other elective posts across the country but support President Kenyatta for the position of President. “The special National Delegates Conference resolved that the party (Frontier Alliance Party) will not field a Presidential candidate but will instead support the candidature of H.E. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of Kenya and the presidential candidate for the Jubilee Party in the forthcoming general election,” the resolution read in part. It was the first Jubilee-affiliate to pass such a resolution. The Jubilee Party the President leads will hold its own special delegates conference in Nairobi on Saturday to formally announce its ticket of President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. A number of other parties are also expected to hold their delegates conferences on Saturday morning to take similar decisions, before joining the Jubilee Party meeting at the Bomas of Kenya later on Saturday. Governor Yattani said President Kenyatta has proved that he is the only Presidential candidate in the August polls who stands for the interest of the Frontier Alliance Party. “We have decided to support President Kenyatta because we are confident that it is only by working with him that we will achieve our development aspirations,” the FAP leader said. Governor Yattani cited the development of the Northern Kenya region, especially the Isiolo – Moyale road and the entrenchment of devolution as some of the attributes that have endeared President Kenyatta to the Frontier Alliance Party. President Kenyatta welcomed the support by FAP, saying he was pleased that different communities in Marsabit have agreed to work together for the sake of peace and progress. The President urged them to continue maintain the existing peace and unity in the county as the electioneering period sets in. “Peace and unity are key to the country’s development and progress,” President Kenyatta said. He invited the Frontier Alliance Party leaders, who included the party’s chairman Roba Duba, to attend the Jubilee Party’s National Delegates Conference on Saturday in the spirit of solidarity.